Clearing trees, Birthdays, and A Cousin   |   June 02, 2014

We had a long weekend together last weekend for Memorial Day, which worked out very nicely since it was also John’s birthday. John is working on clearing a spot in the trees near our house to put in a little shed. He worked on that a lot last weekend and got the biggest tree out. He then decided to take Memorial Day off for a fun day together. Since his parents had been camping over the weekend, we decided to go out to their camp site and share lunch with them.


Carlie enjoys learning new things all the time. 
Learning to use colored pencils.


John has to take the trees out by the roots so the stump won’t decompose later under the slab and crack it.


It’s a lot of very hot work.


We were trying so hard to have the tree avoid our little garden. When if finally started to fall, if stopped short, resting on a arm on the tree. It was disappointing after all that work to not have a climatic crash.


Mean while, Carlie enjoys her lunch. Thank you, Mrs. Limeburner, for the bibs! They save a lot of laundry.

But it finally fell….and couldn’t have been more perfectly centered on the garden.

But it was done and that is what mattered most.

We had already picked beans and believe it or not, we have since had squash come off and the tomatoes are still growing well…not saying you should try this if your garden is lacking, just saying it worked for us.

Our two piles of limbs 
After we carefully lifted them off the garden.
Carlie came out to cheer Daddy on.

The stubborn stump wouldn’t move. John got it completely lose but there was no way to get it out of the hole.So there it sits until we get a come-along or it dries enough for us to burn. 


John road his bike out to the camp ground and Carlie and I followed in the car. It was such a nice day.
I hope it made a special day for John .

Out at Hurricane Lake.
John built us a fire and Dad and Mom Bryan helped out with the cooking.
Enjoying a hotdog with Daddy.
Carlie really enjoyed walking all over and trying to learn to walk over the roots with out falling down.
It didn’t work very much but she still enjoyed the freedom of exploring.

For some reason Carlie Jane was very interested in the campsite sign what was just her size. 
She could reach up and touch the number eight.
Here is a less than flattering “baby and me” picture for all of you who have been curious.

Becca and Tim came over for supper on Friday night and Carlie was so fascinated
 with helping take care of Paul and learning to feed him.

Putting it in, was fun. Sitting there patiently and holding it while he eats,
is very boring.
Thankfully Paul is very patient with her and Becca was not worried about a little spilled milk.

So you making it interesting by taking it in and out and watch the baby react and spill milk on the rug.

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  1. This is awesome! I think the part the interested me the most was how John could dig around the tree without hitting rocks. Seriously…how long did you have to live down there before you stopped thinking about rocks, Nessa? haha When Paul was ditching around my house he had to stop the ditch short because he hit a rock so big he couldn't budge it with his excavator. haha Hand digging? I think not!

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