Exciting Days of Summer   |   June 27, 2014

 Paul and Becca were able to come over for a visit and spent a little time Skyping with Mum and the girls.
I think Carlie was more interested in Paul and her crackers. She was trying to give them to Paul and he was willingly accepting them.


 Dad and Mum have been so good to send us squares of honey comb from their hives. 
I really enjoy honey comb and just last week I finally had to accept the fact I wasn’t going to get anything
more out of the honey box no matter how much I scraped at it with a spatula. I washed the
box and gave it to Carlie to play with. She thought it was so fascinating to be able to see through the box.
I thought it was funny too when I saw her.

 The very next day, a package arrived from Maine, containing many treasures,   among them being another box of honey comb. Just in time!

  A new quilt for Baby.
 Thank you for all your love and special packages from home.
 Then Saturday we went blueberry picking.
What difference from last year, when Carlie was happy to sit in the buggy and watch.
This year she was eating berries and walking all over. 
 They even gave her a little bucket of her own to pick into.

 Becky, Allyssa, Kylie, and Gavin, came along with Grandma and Grandpa. So we had lots of help watching Carlie Jane. Allyssa was especially helpful watching her and even sharing her drink of water. Carlie wasn’t really that thirsty but thought the special cup was so much fun to drink from.


 Have to keep the hat on to shade a little of the Florida sun.
 On the way to the car.
John did most of the picking. It was a little hot for Carlie and I.
 Sunday evening the church had a special commissioning service for Tim and Becca.
 It is very touching to see them each step they take getting them closer to being on the field.
 Even little Paul was a good boy for the service and only made one little squeal during prayer.

 A bedtime bottle with Daddy. John was explaining to Carlie that she would have to stay with Uncle
Tim and Aunt Becca for a few days when Baby comes.



 You can’t see it very clearly because her room is so dim but Carlie was sleeping with her little Peter

Rabbit during her nap and she looked so cute. I had to try to take a picture.
 John lets Carlie Jane push the lock button for the car.
She isn’t usually allowed to touch the keys so when he offers to let her push the
button she just stands there with her finger on the keys as if she’s just enjoying the moment of privilege. 

This morning we had another weekly appointment for Baby.
John took the day off so he could meet the doctor. We had a good appointment but
it was a little discouraging. The doctor said we are still probably a week or more away from having Baby.
Oh well, this part is always hard to be patient.