Father’s Day 2014   |   June 16, 2014
 Waiting for Daddy to get home.
Thursday evening, Carlie wanted to read Curious George to John while I finished making supper.


 Friday was Beach Bash day out at the base. Carlie and I got up early to go over to the base with John.
We spent the morning at the office with John and then went over to the beach with his squadron for the afternoon. In the picture above Carlie is showing him the F-35’s take off, like he’s never noticed them before.

 Carlie Jane likes John’s sunglasses.
You can tell by her face, she thinks she looks good.

 They were supposed to be going down to the water to watch the duck tape and cardboard boat race.
But when Carlie saw the waves she walked in and came back all soaking wet, happy, and telling me all about it.

 John worked more on clearing on Saturday and while moving some cinder blocks, he found this!
 A black widow! Yuck!
 Father’s Day lunch was steak and corn on the cob. 
(corn off the cob for Carlie)
 This is the most spoiled baby in the World, eating steak and corn.
 A present for Daddy, and paper for Carlie!

 Carlie started fussing when he ripped the paper, I think she was so happy with how pretty she had helped to wrap it, she was sad he was ruining it.

 After lunch, John went out and cleaned and filled back up our little pool.
 Carlie loved it!

 Then we put the bug tent over the top to keep the mosquitoes and yellow flies away.
It worked very nicely and gave us added shade.
 A little ice cream for John before church.
 Carlie definitely knows what ice cream is and when she hears 
John getting it out she drops what she is doing and runs to the kitchen.
 And because he’s a good Daddy, he shared most of it with her.
 A late evening call to “Handsome Grandfather” in Maine.

 When she heard Dad’s voice she hugged the phone.
It was hard to get a good picture since I was holding her. 
There is no blessing greater than having a great Dad.
And along with this, knowing your children have a great Dad too.

2 thoughts on “Father’s Day 2014”

  1. Aunt Kathy says:

    Is Carlie reading, "Ten Apples Up On Top" in the first video? It looks like one I read our kids a few hundred times.
    The phone-hugging pic is totally adorable.

  2. johnnfawn says:

    She is actually reading Bear's On Wheels, her favorite book. Thanks for your comment, I was thinking of you this week and it's nice to hear.

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