Getting Through the Last Month   |   June 10, 2014

 The ladies at church gave us a surprise baby shower last week. It was so sweet and I really enjoyed the evening. Everyone is so good about us keeping it a surprise what we are having. I know it must seem really silly to some people but we really have fun coming up with names and guessing which we might have throughout the pregnancy. Carlie was so happy to unpack all the gifts and get them ready for baby brother or sister. This picture above is not too clear but Baby was given a little lamb that you can wind up and it plays “Jesus Loves Me.” Carlie has been giving it lots of love to last until Baby comes.


 John had a long weekend this week and Friday he decided to go to the river. There is a place near our house called Red Rock because it has red clay cliffs along the banks. John has said they used to go there often when he was growing up and Steven and Emily were going for the morning and asked if we wanted to join them. Carlie was trying out a sippy cup that was actually a shower gift but since it will be a long while before Baby needs it and Carlie only has a few sippy cups, I let her use it.

 John and Carlie ready to head to the river.
 Carlie walked most of the way with John carrying her over logs 
and a few spots where holly leafs covered the path. 

 This swim suit Grandma Bryan gave Carlie last year and it is still a little big.
 Not that the water was too deep in Emily’s little sand pool she had created for Keith and Carlie.

 The water was pretty cold and the sun was very hot. The swim didn’t last very long since I am so paranoid about Carlie getting sun burned. We went up into the shade to have a little snack.


 John built us a little shady spot where he could see us but we were 
out of the sun and we continued the snack on the bank.
 Saturday morning I decided I would get things a little more organized and set up for Baby.
I feel far less prepared for this one than I was for Carlie but we also have most of the stuff already,
while with Carlie Jane everything was new.
 Here is a little hoody project I finally finished, but for the buttons.
It isn’t that I think we’ll have a girl; I already finished the blue one. 😀
 Saturday John worked more on clearing for the shed. 
This was the hole that was made when removing the stump.
 The wood from one of the trees.

 He finally was able to get the stump out of the hole, using a come-along.
 Finally done with the biggest tree.

 I blew up our little pool for John to cool off in after working in the hot sun all day. The well water from the hose was almost too cold to enjoy but Carlie joined him. You can tell by her face she is not comfortable with the temperature yet.

But she got over it and had fun.


 Carlie has ten teeth now and is working on two more so it’s time to start brushing.
It is truly more like sucking the paste off and chewing on the bristles but we have to start somewhere.