Count your Blessings   |   July 25, 2014

“Would the girl you were be proud of the women you have become.” Someone shared this good advice with me about the time I was leaving Maine. I have often, since then, looked in the mirror and asked myself this question. I think anyone who ever knew me, knew I was a nurse first and foremost. My life and dream was to become a nurse from as far back as I can remember.

I well remember as I was working as a personal caregiver in my teens, I was one night sleeping in the room next to my patient and was woken from my sleep by the patient calling, “Nurse! Nurse!” I remember waking up and just feeling over joyed and thinking, “That’s me! I’m the nurse.” Even though at the time I had no formal medical training, only a dream and a passion to make all the pain of the world less in some small way. Years passed and I did finally graduate high school and begin my medical training. As time went by “Nurse” became more my name than “Nessa” but every time I heard it I still thought, “That’s me, I’m a nurse.” I woke up every morning thinking, “I get to go to work again.” I thought there was never such a totally fulfilling and enjoyable feeling in the world than to touch lives everyday to give rest, hope, or just a smile.  To learn to give until you have nothing else to give and be strength and faith for those who have none.
Then one night I was sleeping in the room next to my baby and I was awaken by her calling, “Mummma! Mummma!” and I smiled to myself and said, “That’s me! I’m Mummma!” I had no formal training for this either but I knew that there is no feeling in the world than to be needed by my little daughter and son. I still feel helplessly unskilled to be all I need to be for them but I can be there to rock to sleep, to give kisses and hugs, sing songs, and pray. “No one gets everything,” except for me. I have been blessed with a perfect childhood, my dream job, my dream man, and a wonderful daughter and son. A life most girls only dream of.
When the nights get long and sleepless and the days are too short to wash all the sticky hand prints way I start counting my blessings.

1. Sticky finger prints on my windows.
2. Muddy little shoes by the door.
3. Sand all over my kitchen floor.
4. Chocolate on my glass coffee table top.
5. Dirty bottles in my sink.
6. More dirty diapers to wash and fold.
7. Sleeping babies.
8. A man who is coming home from work tonight.
9. Toys to trip over in the night.
10. Peanut butter hand prints on my skirt.
11. Thank yous that need writing to friends that love us…


There is no end of blessings in my life. The Lord has been so wonderful every step of my life. I wouldn’t change one thing if I could. 

2 thoughts on “Count your Blessings”

  1. Tim Lewis says:

    So beautifully said!!!!!

  2. Leah Hadley says:

    Nessa….you truly have a gift for words.

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