Life with new brother   |   July 31, 2014

 Carlie loves the telephone and plays that she’s talking.
A moment after this video the phone really rang and Carlie
was so excited she didn’t know what to do. She danced up and down saying,
“Dat!  Dat!”


My brownie assistant chef.

 Thank you so much for the new book Aunt Rosanna and Uncle Jay!
Carlie loves it and can feel all the love you put in there for her.
 Reading a letter from Aunt Rosanna and Uncle Jay.
His first pair of jeans. 
(He doesn’t look like he thinks it’s his style.)
A package from Maine.
Thank you so much Leah and Sarah!
Reading a “Grammie Jones” book to Brother.
John took a day off to work on the shed.
Carlie and I made cookies and took some out to refresh John.
Little John had his first real bath on Tuesday.
He looked a little worried about it.
He didn’t cry but did keep his frown the whole time.
I left his shirt on, to help keep him warm and more comfortable.
His water has herbs in it that help with new born skin, I know it looks like it’s dirty.
A nice warm towel. I nice clean boy.
John turned over to his stomach from his back this morning on the couch. He was three weeks old yesterday and can hold his head up very well too. Carlie Jane is beginning to make words that we can understand, though she has been “talking” for many months. I have heard her say, “No!” “No, don’t do that.” “No, ma’am!” and “Careful” It is fun to hear her talk but really has me thinking about what I am talking about now that I have a “parrot” living with me. We are going to have to work on a more positive vocabulary, with some please and thank you, yes, and good job. 

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  1. Sara Bryan says:

    It is really startling to hear yours and your husband's favorite phrases from your child's mouth. It makes me laugh and work on figuring out which one of us says that.

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