Baby toes   |   August 15, 2014

I finished folding some of the diapers and looking up at the piles thought, “I know I’m over tired, but does it look like they have eyes and are smiling at me like some kind of frog with an overbite or something?”


 Carol and Ken sent us a package. There were outfits and a blanket for John D. and even a present for Carlie. With encouragement from Daddy she learned she was allowed to rip this paper after weeks of telling her not to rip the pages of her books.


 A baby doll, who can laugh. I have to add, “Thanks,Carol, for sending a laughing baby and not a crying one, like I often have seen. There is already enough fussing around the house these days.” Carlie loves the doll and is always asking us to turn it on for her. Thank you Carol and Ken! We love and miss you!


 I know I’m not a great photographer but I thought I would take some baby toe pictures. I love baby toes!

 I’ll keep working on photography but I hope you get the idea I was trying to create. 

3 thoughts on “Baby toes”

  1. Aunt Kathy D says:

    Nessa, I love your posts and the chance to be a part of your life through your sharing. Our toddler, Drea, especially enjoys the mini-videos, and hopes to see "the baby" every time the computer is open.

  2. johnnfawn says:

    I'm so glad to hear you enjoy it. It's funny your Little Drea likes the videos because Carlie would sit and watch them for hours if I would let her. Even the same one over and over. I think they are just the right length for her attention span. Do you know if Grammie has any pictures of Little John D. yet? I'm going to try to send her some. Love you!

  3. Aunt Kathy D says:

    I don't think Gram has any pics of your little boy yet. I keep trying to get her to come to my house to see the ones on your blog. I even told her of the one of Carlie "reading Grammie Jones," but no luck so far. Maybe someday she will come.

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