Just another day   |   August 18, 2014

 The ladies at church gave us this double stroller as a baby shower gift. With all the walking we do it will be wonderful to not have to carry John D. in my pack on these hot days.


 It works perfectly for them and it really isn’t more than an inch wider than the single baby buggy we had. It fits through a standard sized door.  I think they look so cute in there together. Thank you so very much to all the ladies who contributed. We really appreciate your love and support.

 I put her hair up but it looks like she’s growing a feather out of her head.

 Our Little “Precious”

 She is so sweet and helpful with brother and gives him is paci and blanket. I even saw her give her own paci to brother, right out of her mouth, when she couldn’t find his.


 This weekend John got together supplies for the shed. Dad Bryan gave his generous support with letting us have his cargo van most of the weekend to transport all the supplies. He also helped John with loading and unloading and some shopping too. Nate also went with John to get a load of supplies on Saturday night.

 Here is the head of the crew telling them where to put the wood.
 It helps to feel more in charge if you stand on the wood and feel a little taller.

 Carlie Jane loved the wood stack and acted like she thought it was her stage they were building for her. She tried a few tap dance moves.

 I was scared she would walk off the edge or fall off and was afraid to be very far away.

 Friday evening John went to help Nathan move a very heavy work table into his house so Carlie and I had a popcorn party to make the evening special while Daddy was gone. Carlie had never had popcorn but seemed to like it.


 Then I made the big mistake of showing her how to toss the corn in the air and catch it in your mouth. She laughed so hard I kept doing it until she started trying it and ended up just throwing corn everywhere and I had to pick it all up.

 Saturday supper
 Daddy’s point of view.
 Sharing glasses.
 John C. and John D. all ready for church.

 Sunday afternoon John had to unload the last load he had gotten late Saturday night. So he could take Dad’s van back to him.

 and more shingles.


 John wanted to keep the cedar in house to make sure it didn’t get wet and turn grey before he could get the shed built. Carlie was a big help with moving the wood.



Sunday evening we had supper with Jeremy, Rachel, Becca, Tim, and Paul. I took a picture of my boys because they matched. I love my boys!!

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  1. johnnfawn says:

    Thanks for posting, Love! Great Pictures! We did all that this weekend?! 😉

  2. Anonymous says:

    So cute, Nessa!!! I love the pictures of Carlie helping Daddy outside on the big pile of lumber. She looks so cute with her little apron…like Old Mother Hubbard… 🙂 And John and Little John looked so cute together… We love you all!! -Dad, Mum, and girls

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