March Weekend   |   March 25, 2015
This weekend I was asked to make cookies for the church bus children.   Carlie was excited to help.

The chocolate chips were irresistible

 I liked the sequence of these pictures.

 This yellow and blue bowl was Great Grandma McFarland’s cookie bowl and we enjoy using it all the time and thinking of her.

 Sunday morning Carlie was already for Sunday school and all excited to go with her Bible and everything.

 She was so excited and cute I wanted to take a picture of her…
 but when I tried, the pious little church girl turned into a grump..
 This weekend John discovered carpenter bees have already found the shed and are busy eating away on it. I am working at getting some primer on the wood to deter them. The problem being, how to keep the babies occupied while I’m painting. I found Donny really likes the sandbox and Carlie is happy following the dog around telling him what to do. Even when the dog is right near her she’ll be calling, “Come! Come! Bad! Obey! Obey!”
 These pictures do not do justice to how dirty he was.
 I had to take his pants and shirt off and wash his hands and feet under the spigot before taking him inside.

 Donny is crawling all over now and pulling himself up on everything, making my days very entertaining. I love these days, watching him learn and discover everything.
 Carlie waits all day for Daddy to come home. She talks about him from the moment she wakes up. Usually the first thing she’ll say when she comes out of her bedroom is, “Where Daddy? Daddy come home?” And at least once an hour she says, “Daddy come home.”
 When he finally gets home she is so excited and, of course, always asks to try on his hat.
Carlie also misses Paul coming over to play. Last night while I was saying her prayers with her she reminded me, “Pau..Paul?” She also really likes finding the moon when we are outdoors at night. Last night we were out after dark and she was reaching her hands up to the moon asking, “Moon, moon. P’ease…p’ease.” John had to explain she couldn’t have to moon it had to stay in the sky.