Shed progress and Time with Time and Becca   |   March 16, 2015
 The siding is about done on the shed.
 Dad Bryan came over to help a few times and really made it go a lot faster.
 Each piece has to be cut just perfect to fit those angles.
 We made the very best of the last few days Becca and Tim where here.
Paul is giving Carlie some love. 
 Then we had a popcorn party together.
 Nothing better than popcorn
 Paul and Carlie looking out the window at Becca,
who is talking on the phone on the front porch.
 Paul hadn’t had his lunch and Becca was feeding him some rice…
 Carlie wanted some too and ate about half of it. And Donny 
saw there was food being passed out and crawled over because
he always wants food.
Sorry it’s blurry, but this is a picture of Tim and Becca at the last church service
they had here with us.

1 thought on “Shed progress and Time with Time and Becca”

  1. Vicki says:

    Your garage looks great! As soon as the snow melts, Matt is going to be building us a small garden shed, maybe you guys should come up for a visit so that John can lend us his " shed building" skills! 😉
    I'm sure you miss being able to have Becca pop in for a visit whenever she is able to. Please feel free to Skype us if you start feeling like you need a visit with somebody!

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