News From Papua New Guinea   |   April 01, 2015
For all who are looking for pictures of how Tim and Becca are doing,
She told me I could share with you a few pictures she’s sent us and 
since a pictures worth a thousand words I’ll just leave it at that for now.
 This is their house and vehicle.
 Paul playing with the local children shortly after they arrived in New Guinea.
 Paul in church.
 Becca singing with some of the ladies at church.
 Tim preaching 
 Tim and Paul in their kitchen.
 Inside their hut.
Living room area.
She said the rack is for drying clothes and can
be raised and lowered over the stove to help with drying.
I hope this helps to see a little of their world. I’ll post more pictures as she sends them.
She may also be able to add pictures to their blog when they go
into town for supplies. Their blog is The Lewis Family to PNG if you want to check it from time
to time it is in my list of blogs. They can receive email and if you are interested in their 
address for email or mail I can let you know and they would love to hear from everyone I’m sure.