A New Project   |   May 20, 2015
I finished the shed and knew it was time to tackle another project that needed work — our front porch.  I knew the 2×6 trim boards at the bottom of the posts on the front porch needed to be replaced since I had already replaced one of the four and found the untreated wood had been eaten by termites.  The posts are treated wood so I figured they would all be fine.  The post I replaced the rotten trim on a year ago wasn’t rotted at all.  Two of the other posts were sound as well but one of them was rotten all the way through.  It wasn’t eaten by termites but had apparently just stayed wet since it was installed and as a result it rotted through and through.


Here you can see the post is broken in two.

Here’s the new post.  It’s already installed here but I wish I had some pictures of us putting it on my little Hyundai Elantra to get it home.  It’s a 6in x 6in x 8ft post.  We put it on the roof of my car to get it home.



Carlie out at the Smother’s visiting with our Grandma the day before Mother’s Day.