Summer   |   August 21, 2015
 Several weeks ago I made Carlie and Donny sleeping bags
for camping. They really liked them and they were very easy to make.
Carlie chose out the fabric for hers.
 I went into the nursery the other day to find Carlie reminiscing in the baby crib.
John planned a special Saturday Kayaking trip for Carlie
last weekend and just the two of them kayaked the yellow river.
She did great. They stopped for a picnic lunch and then in the afternoon
John said she fell asleep and took a nice nap in the kayak, while
they floated down the river.
 I came out to the kitchen to find Donny sitting in the oven drawer, in a pot.
 I didn’t want him to break the drawer.
So I lifted him out, still in the pot, and set him on the floor.
 He thought it was such a nice seat.
 He just looked so funny sitting in it..
 I have been working on learning to knit with patterns and different colors of yarn.
Here is one of the first hats I made with a simple pattern.
 Mrs. Jones, at church, gave Carlie a American doll that turns and plays the national anthem.
She loves the doll, though was intended for decoration, she carries it all around and reads
her stories and sings her songs….

 And puts her to bed….
 Last Saturday we went over to Jason and Becky’s to help them with their remodeling project.
Jason got out a kitchen cupboard for Carlie and Donny to play in. They enjoyed playing jack in the box for a little while then seems to be happy just to sit in the box together.

 Carlie and Donny really liked Gavin’s fishing game.
Donny tried to use the pole for a little while then he gave up and just reached in and tried to
pulled the fish out with his hands.
Sunday after church the bus kids had a little ball game.
Carlie enjoyed running around in circles and feeling like she was part of it all.
Especially when it stared raining and she still was allowed to play in the rain.
 Donny stayed near us though he headed out to get wet when the rain started.