More Fishing   |   October 30, 2015
The fishing this Friday was a bit better than last Saturday in spite of fishing line that kept making a birds nest necessitating cutting the knot out and retying the lure after every few casts.  This red drum is 26 inches and Florida law requires them to be between 18 and 27 inches so he just made the slot.  I’ve been working on creating a fishing website at so I’ve been doing some extra fishing lately.  That same evening we invited mom and dad over to help us eat him.  It was fresh and delish!  We even had leftovers with six of us eating on him and were able to make another meal later on.




Later in the day we headed to Baptist Hospital where Carlie was born to see a brand new cousin.  Congratulations, Nate and Dani!  You finally got your little girl — Abigail.

Ness and I are hoping to get some places to pick up pecans in the area.  With these professional signs we should get some calls.  Ness made three double-sided signs.  We’ve got the places to put them picked and are looking forward to some fun times under the pecan trees.