Begining to Look a Lot Like Christmas   |   December 07, 2015
 The day after Thanksgiving Carlie and Donny were excited to get out the Christmas boxes.
 Donny loves to go outside and play every morning and often will go get his sneakers right after breakfast to ask to if he may go out.
 After riding horses at Smothers on Thanksgiving Donny really liked the rocking horse. He didn’t even want to get off to eat his peanut butter sandwich.
 Mostly for fear that Sis’ might get the horse and he wouldn’t be able to get it back.
 Aunt Mildred knit me this stocking when I was a baby and Carlie wanted to try to wear it.
 Every week we have made a special Christmas treat.
 This week was Oreo cookies covered with candy cane kisses. I let Carlie and Donny open the kisses and they did very well about not eating them. Then on a closer inspection I noticed the kisses on Donny’s side of the bowl were all missing the tips….Strange!
 I save all our Christmas cards every year and make little boxes out of them for a Christmas countdown. Carlie enjoyed picking out her favorite cards and I made them into boxes. Here is the little tree we made to put the boxes on. And every day Carlie and Donny take turns opening a box.
 Mrs. Wardwell knitted these amazing stockings for Carlie and Donny! I just love them! They are one of my favorite decorations.  I think she has made a stocking for almost every baby in my home town.
 On Friday nights during December our town puts on a drive in Christmas movie. We have been several times before and decided to go again this year. I made popcorn to take along.

 We had so much fun! Sorry the pictures are so poor! Our camera doesn’t like dark. But we should be fixing that very soon!.
 Saturday afternoon Donny fell sleep with his peanut butter sandwich half eaten. When I first went in to check on him it was still in his hand but by the time I got the camera it was beside him.
 My first artificial tree! Finally decided it was time to be practical and get an artificial tree here. I haven’t seen too many fir growing in Florida.
 Donny looking at the first part of the tree as if to say, “Is that all there is to it? I’ve heard of Charlie Brown trees but what is this? A Christmas shrub?”
A evening snack of summer sausage, cheese, and crackers.