Christmas Eve 2015   |   December 28, 2015
 We arrived just after everyone was getting back from church on Wednesday evening.  The next day was Christmas Eve and we spent the day at the grandparents house with a visit from Uncle Matt and Auntie Torri.  It was our first time meeting the new cousin Cassie.  What a blessed time we had catching up on the happenings over the last year and making new memories for the years ahead.
I love the old house of the McFarland grandparents.  It is believed to be built in the early 1800s.  This house was built around the time this country gained its independence!  Can you imagine the ghosts that must live in this place.  There’s some great history here.  Among dad’s other woodworking projects he is saving the “shed” that’s actually attached to the house and is really part of the house.  It’s big enough to fit about five vehicles in and it had fallen in complete disrepair.  But dad has been chiseling away at huge 12×12 beams and replacing and repairing the old frame of this part of the house.  It is amazing really.  You can see the way houses used to be built up here in the north back in the 1800s.  Wow!  Will it look nice when Handsome Grandfather gets it all finished.  He’s got the main structure rebuilt an now he is just working on getting the façade repaired.  He’s keeping everything true to the way it was way back when.  You just don’t see things like that anymore.  There’s just such a homey feel to this house but the McFarlands also have the home to put in their house.

Torri and the new cousin Cassie.








This is Uncle Matt and Handsome Grandfather playing a game of Croak before the Christmas gifts were opened.  Dad McFarland (Handsome Grandfather) made both Matt and Jason a Croak board for Christmas.  There was some more of his impressive woodworking put into that too.


The McFarland gooey roll tradition. 

The old dining room.


Living Room.

We had a goose for dinner.


Pam’s dog Kimber.


Time for some rest after the long ride to the grandparents and a busy Christmas Eve.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Eve 2015”

  1. Mary says:

    Hi, John and Nessa. Happy New Year 2016. Thank you for sharing these Christmas pics, for taking the time and care to organize and post them. They and your comments warmed my heart. Your little Carlie and Donnie are adorable. Wishing you years and years of memory-building ahead together. I love you.

  2. johnnfawn says:

    Thank you so much for your kind notes. Nessa always looks forward to enjoying some comments on the blog. We're glad you're enjoying it.

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