Chalkboard and Chocolate   |   January 27, 2016

IMG_2769Carlie was so excited to have her very own mug and hot chocolate from Aunt Pam and Uncle Jerry. She chose the one with the Christmas tree on it and felt very grown up drinking from her mug.

IMG_2776Donny really enjoyed his too but I gave him a straw to make it a little less messy.

IMG_2780Carlie and Donny like to stand on the hearth and pretend to being singing duets for church. Carlie usually prefers to do solos and has to be encouraged to let Donny join her.

IMG_2786Our kitchen really isn’t going to be black! It’s a chalkboard wall we made for Carlie and Donny for Christmas.

IMG_2793The first step was to season it by rubbing it all down with calk.

IMG_2811Carlie and Donny really enjoy this wall and spend at least an hour there everyday drawing.

IMG_2815One evening we made brownies and Carlie wanted to make them in the snowman pan. Carlie and Donny help with all the baking and if I try to make something up quickly without their help, they always hear the dishes and come running to help. We added frosting to make it look more like a snowman.

IMG_2835Carlie and Donny still love this hammock. Though it gets harder with them each having to take turns and trying to keep the other one from being hit by the swing.

IMG_2854She wasn’t happy her turn was over.

IMG_2866I’ll try to get a better picture but I made them matching outfits for Sunday. His has a baseball and bat on the front.

IMG_2869All snuggled in for a walk on a chilly evening. I warm up a rice bag to put in the wagon and it keeps them nice and toasty. They even have a special popcorn snack from Auntie Vicki and Uncle Matt.

2 thoughts on “Chalkboard and Chocolate”

  1. Joan Parker says:

    What sweet expressions they have! I miss seeing your family since Emily and Steve moved to GA, but it sure is nice having them ONLY 3 hours away!

    1. John says:

      I’m sure we’ll see you all again sometime. I know what you mean about being closer. Nessa’s family is more than 24 hours away by car. I sure wish sometimes that I could move her family to a more reasonable distance, like say, North Carolina.

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