Winter Days   |   January 17, 2016
 Sunday afternoon I went out to pick up sticks to kindle our fireplace. Donny wanted to go outside, of course, but after I had picked up all the sticks he still wanted to stay outside in his wagon. He sat there by himself in the wagon for over ten minutes. He would have stayed there longer but I had to bring him inside rather than keep a constant eye on him from the window.
 Monday I stepped outside for a minute to walk down and get the garbage can from the roadside, and check the mail. When I returned this is what I found.
 Carlie had gone to my cupboard, borrowed my open bag of flour and she and Donny were taking turns getting out fistfuls. When I came in Carlie was excited, “It’s snowing in Carlie’s kitchen!” I heard her first and thought it was cute, but on thinking a second thought, “What! Snowing!”
 Carlie ready for an evening walk.
 John got this headlamp for Christmas and Carlie was so excited that he let her wear it.


 Once in a while on chilly mornings Carlie and Donny ask for some warm milk. They looked so cute drinking the bottles together. They are really too big but I have weak moments when I don’t mind them being a baby for one more day.
 About once a week Grampie calls on Skype just to read Carlie The Three Little Pigs they have fun keeping up the tradition and Carlie even enjoyed some popcorn while she listened.
 Carlie is really growing up and her baby has now replaced her stuffies. She plays with her baby off and on all day and becomes very upset when Donny interferes with her childcare.
 Which of course, makes it all the more fun for a brother.
All is fair in love and war.

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  1. Emily Bryan says:

    I love it. I love your big babies with their bottles of warm milk, and the snow in the kitchen. My kids aren't the only ones!

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