A New Church   |   February 06, 2016

Recently Nessa and I decided it was time to look for another church.  I won’t go into most of the reasons behind the move but I will say there was an urge to leave the church my parents had put me in and steak out a path that I was responsible for.  There was this feeling of complacency that had set in.  I felt like I wasn’t really responsible for choosing the church, and by extension not responsible for taking control of my spiritual destiny either.  I grew up at Trinity Baptist Church.  I was there for approximately 33 years.  I was there from the moment I was born and it was time to move beyond the church of my childhood.

We were looking for a church with a pastor who was a student of the Bible and was able to wield it wisely from the pulpit. First we drove out to Blackwater Baptist church but though it’s a good church we didn’t find exactly what we were after.

Next we took a walk down to Solid Rock Baptist Church maybe a quarter mile down the road from where we live.  To be honest we weren’t expecting much when we arrived.  The building is a bit past its prime, needs quite a bit of work, and it’s not a perfect church – though, you know what they say about the perfect church.  But after the first sermon I was saying WOW!  And each one since has been a real blessing to me.  My wife and I both are getting something thought provoking and spiritually prodding out of each message.

It’s a small church with about 15 to 20 people there on a typical Sunday, but the spiritual heartbeat is alive and well at Solid Rock.  I’m totally willing to overlook the issues like the ones I mentioned to attend a church that’s alive.  They sing the old hymns and Pastor Stead preaches from the KJB in the old fashioned way.

I must say I’m impressed!  Pastor Stead is 74 years old and just keeps plodding away at the tremendous work of pastoring and has a regular day job too!  Yet in the face of such odds, few could parallel Pastor Stead’s enthusiasm and optimism.  He’s been there at Solid Rock for 33 years serving our Lord.  I like to hope there are other younger pastors who are holding the line just like Pastor Stead.  May God give us some real men who can keep on the firing line, preaching the word from the old book and singing the old hymns.

It’s a special blessing that we are able to walk down to the church too.  We haven’t driven to church since we started attending Solid Rock.  It’s so close we just put the kids in the wagon and walk down to the church.  Here we are last Sunday morning walking to church.


IMG_2956Donny only walking speeds are slow and slower and distracted and then stopping all together. Nothing seems to excite him to hurry no matter how much we encourage.


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