Bear Lake   |   February 28, 2016






Carlie received a package from Maine for her birthday. On Sunday we went to church, planning to open her present when we got home. We have a dog that recently learned to dig out of the yard so we’ve been putting him in the house when we leave. He decided that he wanted whatever was in Carlie’s present so before we got home he opened it and you can see what’s left of her card.





Some more leftover cake from Carlie’s birthday. Nessa let her pick out all the colors for her two cakes. One was purple with blue frosting and the other, well, you can see how that turned out.


This is the nearly full moon setting as I was leaving for work the one morning.



Some friends of mine from way back called and asked me to come over and take a look at a plumbing problem they had so we went over and tried to help them. You wouldn’t believe, some sorry plumbing company had put a snake down their drain to clean it. The snake got caught on something and snapped inside the pipe and whoever it was just left the broken piece in the pipe. I was trying to trace the pipe and get the snake out. We were able to trace the pipe a bit but the snake is still stuck.



Yesterday was Saturday and Becky and Jason took Gavin out to Bear Lake to celebrate his seventh birthday.  They invited the family to gather there so we all spent some time there wishing Gavin a happy birthday. We got there too late to get pictures of the cake and celebration but it was fun to see everyone and spend the evening together.













3 thoughts on “Bear Lake”

  1. Fifi Dobson says:

    Hi, cousins,
    I am Felicity Dobson. I just saw your pictures and asked Mum about you. When I saw the piano pic, I said, “Wow! Do they work together as a team? They must have watched their mom and then wanted to try it. Do they work together as a team and not fight?” I saw some kids playing as a team at the big kids’ recital.

    1. John says:

      I’m glad you enjoy looking at the pictures, Felicity. Carlie Jane really likes her pink boots. Carlie and Donny like playing together most of the time but some times they do fight. They are too little to really know about playing piano together but they like to pretend and mostly just like changing the sound effects on the electric piano. I can see in your Christmas picture you are getting to be a big girl. I’m sure you are a good girl and a big help to your sweet Mommy. Thank you for leaving me a note.
      We love you!

  2. Felicity Dobson says:

    Hi, cousins,
    I just saw your piano pictures and asked Mum if you guys work together as a team at the piano. I saw some kids playing as a team at the big kids’ piano recital. Then I saw some kids who were playing together but not very much as a team.
    I know Auntie Carlie and the guys who wrote the broken letter.
    My sister Andrea has Sherriff Callie boots just like the ones in the picture with the dog that ripped the paper.
    Felicity(assisted by Mum)

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