Candlelight   |   February 12, 2016

IMG_3075Several months ago John was inspired to start a new tradition in our home. Why should we make candle lit dinners only for extraordinary occasions when anytime you get to sit together at the table with the ones you love it is a special occasion? So John decided we will sit down to a candle lit dinner more often in the evenings and take time to remember what really is important, who is really important, and instead of fretting over any problems and annoyances of the day it reminds us to be grateful for the real blessing that we got another day together.

IMG_3044Carlie has really gotten into the idea of candles and she reminds us that we need to light our candles if she is sitting at the table and we haven’t lit them yet.  She and Donny also enjoying taking turns with blowing the candles out after the meal is over. At this age, watching the flame disappear with a little breath is just magical to them.

IMG_3077Slow down, light your candles, and enjoy today.

2 thoughts on “Candlelight”

  1. Carol Pigott says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea…we used to have candle light dinners just with my husband and we have gotten away from it lately…a great reminder to me to do it more often again,,Maybe I will just do that tonight,My husband really enjoys candles any the romantic side of our husbands .

    1. LLL says:

      Yes! Perfect timing with Valentines Day coming right up. I’m glad you were inspired.

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