Little Moments   |   February 10, 2016


We had a few rainy days and since the kids are so used to playing outside everyday. They were going crazy and kept telling me it was ok if they got wet outside. Finally I decided we would “go camping”. This passed the morning and they were very excited to play in the tent and have a snack of apple slices. As I was taking it down Carlie told me, “We leave it up so Daddy see it?” I’m sure Daddy didn’t want to come home to a living room full of tent.


Carlie and Donny asked to have their lunch on little seats they made in the kitchen. Here they are enjoying some apple cinnamon bread.


Chicken and Pepper Caecilian is John’s favorite meal and one of Carlie’s favorites too. She is savoring the smells of her dish while waiting for Sunday Dinner.



Like most Sundays, Donny had to lose his dress clothes to eat his dinner. He’s happier that way anyway. Right now he doesn’t like wearing clothes at all.


We finished off the molasses cookies we made last week and I promised Carlie we would make chocolate chip cookies this week. She was napping too long so Donny and I decided to start the dough.


Donny is adding the butter.



We saved a beater for Carlie to lick when she got up and we saved the chocolate chips for her to add as well.


My sifter belonged to an elderly lady I knew in Maine. When she passed away I was given her sifter and rolling pin. I couldn’t have been happier with them and I think of her every time I see them in my kitchen. This mixing bowl was my Great grandmother, Bertha McFarland’s. She used it for all her Saturday morning baking, my aunt Mildred tells me. I love having these treasures around. I would rather have old than new any day.


I don’t know why Carlie and Donny always want to eat dry spaghetti noodles when I’m making spaghetti. But I remember asking my mum for noodles too when I was little. I guess it’s just the fun sound of crunching on them.


Sometimes it’s easy for me to get so short sited with the continual demands of motherhood. And get stressed about all the things that don’t matter exact bedtimes, laundry, menus, schedules, clutter, and forget what really matters: cuddles, stories, walks, stickers, cookies, and listening to everything they have to say. Several nights ago Carlie wasn’t going to sleep so I went in to talk with her. I asked her if something was bothering her and listened as she talked all about her day and what she was learning and thinking about. It was so sweet and several times since then, after we have put her to bed, I heard her calling, “Mommy, I need to talk with you.” Just exactly what I always want to hear!

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  1. Mary says:

    Just the sweetest blog ever, Nessa. I feel very close in heart to you, and seeing and hearing about your sweet, happy family warms my heart every time. I love you all very much, and am deeply happy that you have found contentment. Keep loving every day. Hugs and hugs.

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