Winter Weekend   |   February 02, 2016

IMG_2893The kids never get tired of having stories read to them. If they ever catch me sitting down for even a moment they rush to get a book that we can read. I am so glad they enjoy books and reading so much but it’s tough to make the same stories exciting after reading them over and over. A few of their favorites are, If You Give A Moose A Muffin, One Morning in Maine, Make Way For DucklingsOne Fish Two Fish, and all their special books from Grammie.

IMG_2904Carlie was so excited when I found this hat in my closet.

IMG_2905On Saturday we went over to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

IMG_2906Carlie loves Grandma’s chickens.

IMG_2908Donny is scared to death of them and John decided to help him learn to not be so scared. Donny looked so funny running across the yard crying at the top of his lungs, being chased by one of the chickens.


IMG_2915Carlie was playing outside and fell and scraped her knee. Last week she had a high fever and I was giving her medicine She said, “You a doctor, Mummy.” I told her I wasn’t a doctor and she said, “Yes, Daddy said you a doctor. You is!” If only it was that easy. John had told her the night before that I used to be a nurse.

IMG_2925Baking with Grandma.

IMG_2947Carlie and Donny were singing songs for Grandma and Grandpa before we had to leave.