My Aunties Are Coming   |   March 12, 2016

Carlie has been so excited for her Auntie Pam, Auntie Rachel, and Auntie Charity to come to see her. On Sunday she was running around the church telling everyone, “My Aunties are coming. My Aunties are coming.” The day finally arrived and she was up early and went out on the porch saying, “I’m going out on the porch to wait for our Aunties.” After about an hour she grew inpatient with waiting and I could hear her calling, “The Aunties are taking too long. Where are my Aunties? Aunties where are you?” She couldn’t nap for excitement and I finally gave up with trying to make them nap and we all went out to wait on the porch for them. She was speechless with excitement when they finally arrived.

The Aunties had gifts for us all and Carlie sat right down to enjoy all her presents. The greatest attraction was her new nurse uniform and first aid kit with real bright colored band aids. Donny was happy to just sit and eat box after box of raisins.

We took a walk over to the pasture to see the cows on their first afternoon with us. Donny didn’t remember the Aunties as well as Carlie did but he quickly fell in love and was more than happy just to have more people around to feed him treats, carry him around, and read his all his stories.

Showing Auntie Pammie the cows.




They happened to arrive on Pam’s birthday so we had a cake for a little celebration for her. Carlie was so excited to have another party.


Carlie nursing her baby back to health. I don’t know what good those bandages are going to do.



The weather has been so warm and beautiful for their visit. Making it perfect for a picnic on the porch.


Wednesday evening


Baking with Auntie Pammie.

After we girls spent some time in the afternoon singing together and Carlie wanted to sing with us. Auntie Rachel was playing and Carlie wanted to sing the songs.





The girls help with some clearing. With their help we were able to get so much done. We were so thankful for all their help.



1 thought on “My Aunties Are Coming”

  1. Aunt Kathy Dobson says:

    Can Andrea sit in on your reading of “Green Eggs and Ham” ? She loves to have it read repeatedly.
    And is the nurse’s outfit homemade? It looks similar to one my big sis, Carly, made for me, patterning it after the real one belonging to her mom-in-law, Mrs. McFarland. I still have it, and I dig it out from time to time; but our kids do not know what the snazzy nurse hat means, since regulations have recently banned nurses from using them in our hospitals. It is now easy to mistake a nurse for another hospital worker, much to the public outcry up here. (I was once rather alarmed when a lady I assumed was a cleaner proceeded to take a patient’s blood sample.)

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