Signs of Spring   |   March 05, 2016



Carlie’s hair does amazing things when she’s jumping on a trampoline. Carline and Donnie have been jumping on our neighbor’s trampoline since they were kind enough to share it with us. We really have some good neighbors.







Nessa asked Donnie where the cows were and this is what she got. Usually there are cows out in the field by the road but they must have been on the other side of the woods at the time.





Nessa took the kids out for a picnic in the yard. She is constantly coming up with new ideas to keep the kids learning and feeling loved. Raising kids might cost $100k a year in potential income we could earn if Nessa were a nurse, but the wealth gained from raising happy, loved children far surpasses any dollar amount you could make in life. True wealth is not in a bank account or in hard assets but in using those things as just one of your tools to bring the happiest life possible. Mothering children is the highest calling that has ever been or will ever be.




Carlie fell asleep on our way home from church last Sunday. She was one exhausted girl after having dinner on the grounds and spending time playing at the church. The last Sunday of every month our church has dinner on the grounds. When that happens we don’t have a Sunday evening service. Last Sunday Pastor Stead told me about a small church he knew of named Stump Springs Baptist Church. It’s in Munson. Don’t look for it on google I don’t think it’s there. It’s a tiny little place but what a great church and a good spirit to the place! I love how Pastor Stead is not afraid to promote other churches in our local area, even letting preachers in our area come to preach at Solid Rock. He truly recognizes that the church is the Lord’s and we are just part of the body of Christ.


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  1. Staying home is something a mother can never get back. I stayed home w/ Laura and David until they were both in school. I was out of school before David and at the same time as Laura when I did return to work.

    Ernie has been telling everyone about your children and how much we enjoyed visiting w/ them and of course both of you.

    We have good news: Laura and Eric signed adoption papers and are parents of a baby girl. She is 15” and 2# 4 oz. She will remain in the hospital in All-Children’s in St Pete for 12 wks. birth date is 3/3/16 …we had just celebrated my lung transplant 3/3/04..has been 12 yrs. Laura had just taken a temp. assignment and she said her work is done on her computer so she can work from there. I don’t know if Eric can email his lectures and sermons.

    Please include ”baby girl Reiser’ in your prayers.

    Janie and Eric

    1. LLL says:

      I’m so happy for you two and Laura of course! Congratulations on becoming grandparents! I hope you are able to meet the little one soon. You’ll have to let us know what she names her, or is it Reiser?

      I’m glad we were able to stop by for a while. I wish we had gotten further on the plumbing project but the time didn’t allow. I really don’t mind working on it more and getting it fixed for you. It’s unbelievable that a plumber left your plumbing in the state they did. If you need more help fixing it let me know. Did Ernie ever find the pipe he was looking for?


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