End of April   |   April 26, 2016


The evenings are so beautiful right now, John and I spend most every evening on the front porch while Carlie and Donny play in the yard.


You are only young once. Enjoy it!


Last week Carlie was sick one day with a fever and a upset stomach. I put her to bed for a nap and she called to me excitedly, “Mommy! I very sickie and have to stay in bed like Johnny. I have the measles!” In one of her favorite books the boy gets the measles and has to stay in bed until he was well. She asked me to get the book for her so she could read it. When I checked on her a minute later she was asleep and her dolly was still holding the first page for her.

I wondered if the chalkboard would not get used after a few months when the newness wore off but they still enjoy using it every day for drawing and writing.

My attempt at abstract art.

3 thoughts on “End of April”

  1. Esther Uhlman says:

    Love the pictures Carly and Donny are so cute. Thanks for taking the time . Esther Uhlman NS

  2. Esther Uhlman says:

    Hi Nessa,
    I so enjoy dropping in for an occasional visit to your page.We’re just ready to ‘ go back home’.Maybe some day we could stop for a coffee, but for now this is sweet.Pray you have a good week. Bye for now.
    Love Aunt Judy

    1. LLL says:

      Thank you for stopping by, it’s nice to hear you enjoy the pictures. I hope it helps us stay close though we are far apart. You are always welcome to “stop by for coffee.” I’d more than thrilled if the Lord worked that out. Perhaps we can get Carlie and Donny up to Canada one day to meet all the family there. We love you.

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