One Morning in Milton   |   April 13, 2016


You can see behind Carlie all the wood we recently stacked. John and Carlie spent a day over at Nathan’s house cutting up an old tree he had taken down. I left two of the logs down for Carlie and Donny to use as little chairs while they are playing.


Sometimes you just have to let them be kids. It’s amazing to see their imaginations expand as they grow and learn the fun of playing make believe.

You may be familiar with Robert McCloskey’s children’s book One Morning In Maine. We read this story several times a day and in the story Sal loses her tooth out of her mouth and before she can make a wish on it, she loses the tooth she had lost. Finally, a mechanic friend, who is working on her father’s outboard motor, gives her to old spark plug to make a wish on. Carlie and Donny were so excited this weekend when John told them he was going to change the spark plugs in the car and he promised them each a spark plug to wish on, just like Sal. They were dancing around singing happily as they waited.




Carlie was enjoying serving herself up some tea at her little stump table and chairs. She found that filling her tea pot with sand makes it pour very nicely as if it were real tea.



Ready for Sunday morning.

Just like Daddy.


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  1. Becca says:

    So cute!!! thanks so much for sharing the pics, I love looking at them! Hugs! Tim, Becca, and the boys?

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