Termite Treatment   |   April 07, 2016


We had a visit from two buzzards a few days ago. I don’t know of anything that was dead I think they were just on their way to somewhere.


A while back I bought some termiticide to curb the ant traffic in my house. For months ants kept coming into our house. I guess they just really enjoyed visiting with us. We battled them with the play ant control you can buy at Wal-Mart and that would scare them off for a day maybe but then they’d be right back to visit again. One night we found them in our bedroom and decided we’d had enough so I spent the next day researching what would really get rid of ants. I found this product called Termidor SC. Everyone claimed that using this product would provide the best ant control money can buy.

After a bit more research I found a cheaper generic form of Termidor SC called Taurus SC. It was originally designed for termite control but it works for ants as well. One application works for six months when applied to control ants and ten years when applied to control termites. All you have to do to control the ants is use a sprayer to spray the diluted mixture of Taurus SC one foot up the side of your house from the ground and one foot out from your house on the ground. I haven’t seen one ant in our house since I put the first treatment down over six months ago.

It works! Once an ant comes into contact with the poison they do not even notice and will track it right back into their colony were the entire colony will be poisoned and killed. Taurus SC is not a repellant but rather will kill the whole ant colony. I’ve never seen anything like this stuff but after all the problems we were having with ants it made a believer out of me. I am in no way an affiliate for Taurus SC and get nothing in return for promoting this product. I just want people who live with the ants in Florida to be aware of a great way to get rid of them.

Recently, realizing that six months had passed since the last treatment I decided to put in the termite treatment to ensure we don’t have any termites visiting our house for at least the next ten years. The termite application of Taurus SC is a little more complicated but not too difficult.

It involves digging ten foot long trenches six inches wide and six inches deep around the perimeter of your house and mixing four gallons of properly diluted Taurus SC and pouring four gallons in each ten foot section. Then spraying down the backfill with more diluted Taurus SC as you are refilling the trench. That’s it! We’re protected from termites for the next ten years.