Here Comes the Summer   |   May 03, 2016

We try to keep the kids interested in the outdoors as much as possible. Nessa’s been taking them out blackberry picking and giving them an introduction to gardening. They’ve grown to love being outside and I couldn’t be happier with that. After being inside for a while they will often ask to head out to play in their sandbox or tromp around in the woods.









A few days ago our water heater started getting extra hot. Then it just stopped heating altogether. At first I suspected the elements were fried but after a few minutes of googling I realized it was the thermostats that had gone out. Thirty dollars later and a few minutes of install time we again had a working water heater.


Things are really staring to heat up around here and we thought it was time to start up our AC. I ran it for a while and thought it was struggling to cool off the house even one degree. I took a look at the evaporator coils in the inside unit and realized they were covered with sheets of ice. Seeing they were clean and would have had plenty of airflow I went googling once more for this riddles answer. I came to the conclusion that the freon was low. My suspicions were confirmed by an AC tech from King Air. He discovered a leak on the evaporator coils in the inside unit. He gave us some more freon to hold us over till we can get it repaired. He quoted us $1000 all told for parts and labor to replace my five year old evaporator coil.

I’m really not impressed right now with the AC unit Heritage Homes put in my house. The coil was more rusty than I thought it would be but then there is water from the condensation keeping it wet constantly. The coil was just cheaply made.



4 thoughts on “Here Comes the Summer”

  1. Samantha says:

    Hhmmm, I know a pretty awesome AC guy if you want amazing work done but at a discounted rate… ?

    1. John says:

      Hey, if Jimmy would like the work I’d give him a couple hundred for labor plus whatever parts cost. He doesn’t need to do it if he’s overburdened with other stuff though. He sounds like he’s a pretty busy guy.

  2. Aunt Kathy D says:

    Who needs an AC at this time of year? You mean everyone didn’t wake up to a skiff of snow on the porch this week like we did? Imagine that!

    1. John says:

      Yeah, could you mail us some of that white stuff! We could really use some right now.

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