Driveway Project Begins   |   August 05, 2016

It’s been a little while since we started a new project around here. John has been planning, and researching all about cementing a driveway for several weeks and we finally got started with trying to put in a driveway. It’s slow progress but we are excited to be working on it. And I’m looking forward to far less sand in my kitchen, when we get it finished.

More and more I realize these moments of holding my sleeping babies doesn’t happen much anymore and when it does I find myself just wanting to sit there and hold them as long as they sleep.

The beginning of our driveway. We started drawing out where we want it and take the sod out and replanting it in the bare places in the yard.

Donny woke up from his nap and brought his snack outside to watch us working.

Sunday morning snack before church.

These days have so many priceless moments. I’m so grateful for John and the wonderful Daddy he is.