Finishing touch   |   September 25, 2016

This week we put the finishing touch on the driveway in preparation for pouring it this Saturday. We put in a long day Friday and ended up back outside after we put the children to bed, shoveling dirt around the edge of the frame. Ten thirty Friday night we finished and got a little rest before being back up at four thirty on Saturday to get ready for the cement to arrive.

This week Carlie made her first peanut butter and jelly sandwich all on her own.

Somewhere over the rainbow sky’s are blue…I have tried so many times to show Carlie and Donny a rainbow and finally they got to see one, though we got completely soaked in the process. It was worth it.


We were excited to get our remote-control for our camera!

Now we can have some pictures with both of us in them. It’s been too long!

We made a lot of popsicles while Kenna was with us. It didn’t matter what it was made of, apple sauce, lemonade, as long as it’s frozen on a popsicle stick they love it.

Reading Carlie’s letter from her special pen pal in Maine, thank you Mrs. Jim!

Finishing touches on the driveway.

We had so much trouble with people running over the form boards at the end of the driveway. We left it until last and leveled off the end of the driveway and put in those form boards the day before it was poured.

Of course, apple sauce popsicles before bed.