Framing the Driveway   |   September 06, 2016

All our free moments we spend framing up the driveway to get it ready to pour cement. John works on cutting the wood and getting the frame all level while I work at raking out the extra dirt and trying to level the ground. It’s very hot work in the humidity of August and I’m hoping September will be much more understanding with some cooler days and lower humidity. The one mercy is most of the driveway is in the shade.

After playing outside most of the day while I worked on the driveway, Donny wanted a snack and didn’t make it very far into his apple before he fell fast asleep on the floor.

Voting day isn’t always great fun for adults, decisions, decisions… but it’s always exciting to go vote when you are two years old. Carlie was full of questions about what we were doing and why we were voting this year.

Every other Friday I take Carlie and Donny to the nursing home to spend some time with the residents while Pastor Stead gives a little Bible teaching. Carlie and Donny really have got so they look forward to it and though Donny is very shy still, Carlie has learned all the residents want hugs and she goes around greeting everyone. We try to get Carlie and Donny out to do things like this while they are young so they will hopefully grow to know the world isn’t all about them but you get the greatest joy by giving. They don’t look to happy about it in this picture. We had been playing the piano for the residents and Carlie and Donny didn’t want to stop.

After the nursing home we usually stop by the library to pick out some new books. We love the library and Carlie usually goes and finds a librarian to help her find “the Franklin books” so she can choose which ones she wants for that week.

If it’s in the baking bowl it has to be good even if it’s only pizza dough.

“Look at me, Mommy, I a hard worker,” I hear all the time while I’m trying to shovel dirt and see Carlie and Donny using their little spades to pick up dirt and throw it down somewhere nearby. Not very profitable but I’m sure, to them, that is what it looks like I’m doing all day too.



I really don’t like spiders but no matter how you look at it, this spider web is beautiful, an amazing work of art for such a little creature.



Donny often falls sleep during supper no matter how hard we try to keep him awake. He played outside all day and was so tired his eyes kept closing as he tried to eat his pizza and he’d put his empty hand to his mouth and chew. Finally, we got a little supper into him and he fell sleep on the couch and couldn’t be woken up; he slept twelve hours straight.

These are the blooms on our okra. They are so beautiful and are only open in the morning for a few hours. The ants love them for some reason but they don’t eat the blossoms. It must be the nectar they are after.


These brilliant berries always come on the bushes in late summer and I really enjoy the bright colors. It’s common name is “beauty berry” and it is a natural bug repellent if you break the berries and rub them on your skin.

Some weeds are so pretty I leave them in the garden, it’s tough to grow much here so if it’s pretty and growing on it’s own I leave it, why not?