Leveling the Driveway   |   September 14, 2016

On the first weekend in September Dad Bryan came over to help us work on the driveway a few hours before we were rained out. We sat around talking for a long while thinking the rain shower wouldn’t last but it lasted. Finally we gave up on getting anything else accomplished that day and decided to take Dad out for his birthday.

Carlie and Donny were super excited to be out with Grandpa and Grandma. Donny found a toy twenty dollar bill in the parking lot and thought he was a wealthy man.


If you don’t have what you want make do with what you have. I really enjoy waffles but since I don’t have a waffle maker it’s truly a rare treat. Then the thought occurred to me, I wonder if you could make waffles in the sandwich toaster I have?” So we gave it a try.

Yes! Little puffy triangle waffles. Not traditional waffles but close enough. Carlie and Donny had the best time eating their triangles and making a very sticky mess.

Most evenings after supper John will take a little walk outside or just go out and stand on the brick walk by the kitchen door and watch the sunset and enjoy the fresh air for a while. Carlie Jane and Donny often like to go out there with him too. While waiting one evening for John to come home Carlie wandered through the kitchen and said, “Well, I think I’ll go outside and enjoy the beautiful world.” Several minutes later I saw her sitting there on the brick just looking all around.

We were adding some fall decorations around the house and I didn’t have anything for the door so I made a vine wreath from the vines growing on our back fence.

As the days grow a little cooler, John, Carlie Jane, and Donny often go out for a walk while I make supper. One evening this week I found them down by the pasture looking at the goats.



Dad Bryan brought us some more boards we needed to finish the frame on the driveway and stayed to help for a bit. Leveling the driveway was the great accomplishment of the weekend. I wish I had kept track of how many wheelbarrows full of dirt we have taken out of there.

Our mountain, I think we may have the highest point in Florida in our yard now. The pile is about twice as big now as when this picture was taken. I told John, I’m in high hopes we will be able to charge admission for people to come climb it. This dirt has been endless hours of fun for Carlie and Donny and most days they ask, “We go play in the dirt, Mommy? It’s ok?” I always let them and we always end up with dirt in their hair, in their pockets, well dirt everywhere. When I get them ready for their bath I’m always amazed how the dirt come raining out of everything. It’s worth it.

Sitting in the kitchen chatting with John Sunday night, while he made a snack.