Arriving at the North Rim   |   October 27, 2016

The trip from Lone Rock beach to the Grand Canyon was several hours so we tried our best to be up early, pick up camp and get right on the road. It seemed no matter how much we tried to hurry or if we tried to take it easy we ended up packed up and pulling out of camp at 9:30 every time. We really wanted to reach the Grand Canyon in the day light and we did. We found our campsite and set up camp again. This was about the ninth time we had set up camp and by this time we worked like the silent drill team. We couldn’t see the canyon from our site, for which I was thankful. I am a little afraid of heights and with little children around I get very afraid of heights and I didn’t want to be near the edge and constantly worried about watching them every second.

It was a relief to have finally made it to the big attraction of our trip and to know we were going to get set up and settle in our camp for several days this time. We decided to just get showers and supper then get some rest we’d save the hiking and seeing the Canyon for the next day. After boondocking for so long a warm shower was most welcome.


Our tent matched the birch’s yellow leaves perfectly.



The only place in the World Kaibab squirrels are found is the north rim of the Grand Canyon. They are so beautiful with black looking bodies and huge, white, fluffy tails and tufts of fir on their ears.

Carlie found a tree that was leaning and thought it was so much fun to climb it and hang on the trunk like a little bear cub.


Hot chocolate on a chilly morning helped ease the discomfort of climbing out of warm sleeping bags.






There are fossils everywhere around the Grand Canyon and this rock was not only covered with fossils but colorful too.


No toy you could ever buy is as valuable as a good stick.