Finishing Touches   |   October 04, 2016


Once concrete is poured it shrinks and if control joints aren’t put at least a quarter of the slabs thickness it will crack randomly leaving an unsightly seam on the surface. Basically control joints tell the concrete where to crack. As most things with concrete it’s time sensitive. Around eight hours after we finished the concrete pour I was out learning how to cut it. It was right around sundown when I started.

To make the cuts we rented a gas powered wet saw with a 14 in. dimond tipped blade. I cut enough to burn through a brand new blade and found myself running to Lowes around 9 to pick up another. Would you believe those blades are $90 apiece.

Every 8 ft. down the driveway I cut a control joint all the way accross.




Donny got into the red powder chalk for my chalk line and poured it all over himself and the shed while I was busy working.


Were checking out the freshly cut driveway in the Sunday morning light. It was Donny’s first time on the driveway and he quickly learned how to scuff up his knees.





Tuesday was Nessa’s 30th birthday. I bought her a cake at Walmart and it got turned upside down on the transport home. Then I put it on the table where Carlie knocked it on the floor. Needless to say it was quite a sight by the time we got to the birthday celebration.






We got Mommy a huge new plant pot for the Advocado she has rooted. Happy birthday Mommy!!! We love you!!!




There’s finally a chill in the air. After the summer heat it feel heavenly.


We took our first drive on the new driveway on Friday 6 days after the pour. You are supposed to wait 7 days but in the heat of Florida I figured it would be hard enough after 6.

It should be completely hardened in 21 days. I’m going to declare this project a complete sucess!


2 thoughts on “Finishing Touches”

  1. Victoria McFarland says:

    That’s hilarious….Matt bought me a strawberry cheesecake from Hannaford for my birthday, and on the drive home it fell upside down off his passenger seat!! Must have been something about those Sept. 27th birthday cakes! ????

  2. John says:

    Hahaha. I just noticed the 3 is backwards in the cake. Oops. 😀

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