Evening at the Canyon   |   November 04, 2016

Late evening and early morning is my favorite time camping. We tried to cook supper early and have it eaten and mostly cleaned up before the sun was down. It made the job much easier, a little warmer, and we also could enjoy the sunset too. After supper I put on coffee to perk and we would enjoy a cup while we watched the sun setting. Although, I had a traditional coffee mug and the coffee cooled faster than I could drink it. John had a thermos travel mug and it kept it so hot he couldn’t drink his for about an hour after I poured it.










It was great entertainment in the evening for the children to watch their shadows and try to make shapes on the tent. After camping for three weeks they began thinking time in relationship to sunrise or sunset and even now they tell us things like, “Tomorrow after the sun comes up we might go to the park, right?” or “It will be tonight after the sunsets and its dark and we have supper.

The first few days we were camping we crossed into a different time zone and since we had little cellphone reception the phone became confused about what time it was. I was constantly try to figure out the actual time, like it mattered. The clock in the car and the time our phone displayed were several hours difference. I thought I remembered correctly that Arizona does not observe daylight savings but I wasn’t certain. And even local people we asked seemed unsure of the time.

In reality, the confusion was Arizona does not have daylight savings but the Navajo nation does and Utah does. We were right on the border of Utah and Arizona and Navajo land and traveling around every day between them all. By our third week, we found out some how we had lost a whole day. The days really run together when you’re on such a long vacation. Someone mentioned in conversation about it being Saturday and we were thinking it was Friday. Time is so precious, waste it wisely!

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  1. Heather Prall says:

    Thanks for sharing I have been really enjoying all the pictures

    1. John says:

      You’re more than welcome! Glad you’re enjoying them.

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