Pilgrim Hat Cookies   |   November 27, 2016

Carlie and Donny put on a play for me this week. I never did really catch a storyline or a plot but they had a lot of fun performing it for me.
All I clearly understood by the end was the snowman had to stay on the oven rack and when it kept falling off, the play almost had to be cancelled.

Sunday evening it was in the thirties and John started the fire for the first time this season. Donny was a gentleman and let Carlie have to wooden stool but wanted a chair for himself and insisted the tiny wooden block was comfortable, even after falling off it several times.

For thanksgiving, we picked out a little treat for Carlie and Donny to make together and take to our family gathering. They had the best time making little pilgrim hat cookies. My favorite thing about this picture is the dog, Charles. His face just says exactly what he is thinking.

Carlie did a great job making her cookies by herself.

Donny did a great job eating tic-tac’s.


Most nights Carlie reads stories after going to bed and often complains to us that she doesn’t have enough light in her room to see her book. One night I thought I heard her reading in the hallway and started down the hall to tell her to stay in her bed to read but was surprised to see just her book. She was still sitting on her bed.