April Dawn’s Wedding   |   January 07, 2017

Mr. & Mrs. Kyle Masse
December 31, 2016

Kyle and his mother

Beautiful cake and the same topper we had.

April made all her flowers for the wedding from the sheet music of her favorite musical pieces.

April’s very special piano teacher from the university. It was a joy to meet her.

Mr. Read was the presiding over the ceremony.

Tina, the maid of honor.

Yes, I cry through every wedding.

Uncle Jeff, Dad’s brother, Aunt Cheryl and Grandma McFarland. It was wonderful to see them all again.

A special surprise to see Jim again.

Grandma and Grandpa McFarland

All Dad’s family: parents, brother, Jeff, sister in law, Cheryl, and sister, Marcia.

Cassie was fascinated with Uncle John.

The moment all sisters wait for, a new chapter, but always sisters.

…and the adventure begins.

2 thoughts on “April Dawn’s Wedding”

  1. Teresa says:

    Thank you, Nessa, for sharing such a special day! Talking to your mom yesterday. Your family holds a very special place in my heart.

    1. LLL says:

      So glad you and Mom can still keep in touch. You certainly played an important roll in our lives too and are in our hearts. Trust your Christmas was wonderful and the new year will be rich with blessings.

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