Everyday Moments   |   January 19, 2017

Uncle Jerry and Aunt Pam gave Carlie and Donny huge suckers and they have been enjoying them a little at a time but Donny was tired with the slow progress and wanted to break his up. I gave him the hammer and told him to take the sucker outside and break it up. His technique was lacking but with a little help he got it broken into bite size pieces.

Carlie loves her new bike she got for Christmas and especial loves having the little basket to carry around things. She has her big sucker in the brown bag in her basket.

We had one chilly weekend several weeks ago and we let Donny and Carlie have Sunday afternoon naps by the fire.
Carlie never did go to sleep.

Carlie loves how she is growing taller. She just went through a growth spurt and is so happy that she can look in the kitchen door and easily reach the counter top now. She told John, “Daddy I can reach the top of the counters and almost am grown up and can make supper.”

My Dad keeps bees in Maine and when we were home for Christmas he gave us a quart of his honey. Carlie and Donny love honey and they were so excited when we found this little honeypot. They ask for honey bread many times a day just for the thrill of being allowed to use the little honey pot and put the honey on the bread themselves.

It’s one of my goals for this year to spend time every day with Carlie and Donny teaching them. It’s so easy to imagine they will just pick up what they will need to know about God, and about life automatically but it doesn’t work that way. They will pick up a lot but not what we are hoping they will. So each morning after breakfast I sit down with Carlie and Donny for some fun reading Bible stories, learning songs, flashcards, and story time. At this age they really are excited to be learning and I love the challenge of keeping it fun. We have a ABC puzzle, which I spread all the pieces all over the floor and call out letters they need to find and see how quick they can bring them to me. Yesterday, the weather was so beautiful, we took the chalk outside and spent most of the morning practicing writing letters and shapes on the driveway. Other times I ask them to find letters they can see around the room or on a page of a book they like. I love these days with them. I like to think I am teaching them but it’s they who teach me everyday what is really important.