Headed South   |   January 11, 2017

John spotted this little fellow in an apple tree outside the inn where April and Kyle were married. He seemed happy to let John photograph him as long as he got all the old rotten apples.

Because of a threat of snow coming, we decided to take an extra day in Maine and do the trip home in two days rather than the three days we took on the way north.

Carlie had such fun leading Cassie all around the house on Sunday afternoon and Cassie patiently permitted herself to be taken for a walk.

Auntie Rachel helping Donny with his Sunday dinner.

After a long drive through the night we were happy to make it to our hotel in Virginia early in the afternoon and get a nice rest. The Lord blessed us with no snow or icy roads all the way through New England. As much as I miss the snowy winter, I have no desire to run into a snowstorm with summer tires on the car, we’ve done that before.

Our great little travelers. It amazes me every time we take them for these crazy drives around the country they still are so excited to get on the road and really are a joy to travel with. We travel without electronics to entertain them, and navigate the rout with a map. The challenge of figuring out our way by map breaks up the boredom of the long drive and we enjoy the challenge.

Auntie April, is the best. She made this adorable sheep hat for Carlie for Christmas and she loves it and got many compliments on it as we traveled.

We found it is far easier to be the driver on our long trips since the passenger must read the map and entertain and police the back seat. We read story after story, played card games, and their favorite, was puppet shows with the puppets Auntie Roseanna and Uncle Jay gave them last year. We talked about each state as we drove through them and it’s fun to hear them learn all the names and especial to hear Donny saying names like Massachusetts, and Pennsylvania at only two years old.

2 thoughts on “Headed South”

  1. Tracy says:

    Looks like fun! My kiddos love road trips too. We do allow electronics but many times we do other activities like I spy games and now they are getting older reading signs and things. I’m so glad they like to travel since traveling is how Ben and I met and we saw most of the US together on tour that way. Someday we hope to do the whole US with the kids too. Since driving from home to my parents would take us coast to coast it would be a fun way to spend a summer 🙂

    1. LLL says:

      Yes, we too would love to do a road trip to see the whole Country. That would be a long road trip for you to drive all the way home. We drove out to Arizona this summer and talked about continuing on to the West Coast since it seemed relatively close but we were still a long way off from seeing the Pacific Ocean. So glad we can get back in touch with you a little!

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