Shining Rings and Pizza   |   January 31, 2017

Carlie still has the angel wings I made for the Christmas play and wears them everyday. She looks so funny sometimes wearing them riding her bike, playing in the woods, or in the sandbox. She asks all the time, “Do I look like a perfect little angel, Mommy?” I explain over and over putting on wings will only make her look like an angel but it’s what is in her heart which determines if she acts like one.

Over half a year ago I started sprouting an avocado pit. It took months to even show signs of life but now it looks like a spindly, tiny tree. I’m hoping a little sunlight on warm days will give it reason enough to live.

For almost a year the diamond in my engagement ring has been very loose. I could hear it rattling around in the setting and was worried I would hit the ring on something and lose the stone. We finally got it inspected and sent off for repairs. It had become very rough with scratches and scuffs, since I never remember to take it off when I’m doing work that could easily damage it.

When my ring was finally ready to be picked up we went into Pensacola to pick up the ring and got some pizza at one of favorite restaurants, Tuscan Oven, on our way home.

It was so mild we were seated outdoors to eat our pizza. Never before had I been served supper outside on a January evening.

The ring looked all shiny and new again. I had forgotten what it used to look like and it made the wedding band look a different color in contrast to the other ring.

The waiters usually brings the children pizza dough to play with while they wait for the pizza order to arrive. The children always have the best time playing with the dough and creating different things while we wait.

Miss. Jo Ann gave Carlie and Donny this farm game for Christmas and they love to play it. It’s the first board game they can play all on their own and I love to watch them play it together. It’s such a great way to help them to learn to take turns and play fairly with each other.

I had a record player all the years I was growing up. I kept it in the room I shared with my sister April Dawn for many years. We spent countless hours listening to our records and memorizing all the old songs. John got me a new record player for Christmas and I have loved listening to the old records and hearing all the old songs I haven’t heard for many years.

A snack after Sunday church, gram crackers and cream cheese sandwiches.