No More Carpet   |   February 07, 2017

Having carpet through most of the main part of the house is most difficult and when you add children and a large dog into the house it becomes impossible. We finally reached our limit with the nasty carpet. I was so excited to have it gone, John just had to give me a nod and the carpet was in the front yard.

It turns out that taking a carpet out is all fine and good but replacing it with something better is another war all together.
John decided on these tiles as what we are going to put down. I think they are so much fun with such a rustic look, almost every plank being different. These are just laid out to show the look it will have when we are done.

Our tile order arrived and Dad was good enough to not only let us use his van to pick up the purchase but also came along to help with loading and unloading it.

Since these tiles are very difficult to lay we were told we must first determine if our cement slab is smooth enough. We did a water test to see where the water puddles up in the low spots.

The house is in complete disarray and we are trying to make the best of it with some fun in our wide open living room.

Breakfast by the fire.

Grammie and Grampie and the Aunties in Maine gave Carlie and Donny cupcake mix, frosting, and sprinkles for Christmas so they could have fun making cupcakes together after we got back from our trip to Maine. The day finally arrived that we could make the cupcakes. Carlie was so excited and I let her do most of it herself.

Most important step, add the sprinkles.