Slow Progress   |   February 22, 2017

There is nothing more fun than washing dishes these days and Carlie and Donny both beg me not to clean the dishes myself but to leave them so they can wash them. Please let this last.

The tiling is going slowly as we are learning by our mistakes and getting better. The last few weeks have been filled with just trying to get the slab flat.

John left a special surprise for Carlie and Donny when they woke up on Valentines Day. Since he leaves for the base by five they never see him in the mornings but they were so excited to see they had a special treat from Daddy. Donny said, “We have a good Daddy. He was thinking of us and not of himself.”

Miss. Elizabeth kindly invited us to a Valentines Day lunch she was having. She made such an effort to make the day so special for each of the children.

Sunday afternoon was perfect for a picnic. There is a nice picnic area in the shade down on the edge of the cemetery near our house with even an old picnic table we can use.

Donny and Carlie had to carry their drink cups down to the picnic. They spilled so much along the way; there was hardly anything left when they finally reached the table.

One of the highlights of each week is attending the reading class at the library with, Miss Mary. We often reached the library a little early and play at the little play ground while we wait for the library to open.

This is such a great program that interest preschoolers with learning and books. Miss. Mary works hard preparing each story time and is so enthusiastic about the class. Each week we choose out new books to read at home too. Last week I was in a hurry and grabbed a Spanish book by mistake. When I realized it and told Carlie we couldn’t read it because it was in a different language. She replied, “It’s ok, I know we can ask Paul to read it. He can always talk in other languages.” (speaking of her little cousin Paul in New Guinea.)