Childhood and Tiles   |   March 07, 2017

Books outside on a picnic blanket is the best of both worlds and is how Carlie and Donny spend so much of their time these days.

Carlie was pretending she was a squirrel and I found her in the woods burying her acorns. She looked like a little fairy sitting there under the tree pushing acorns under the roots.

Tiling is slow, tiring work. Each piece has to be buttered, the mortar spread evenly and then the tile leveled. Every weekend we get a little further and it is now beginning to look as though this is going to actually be completed someday. I’m so glad John is such a hard worker and does everything so carefully. When he starts a project he stays at it until it is done no matter if it a big project that takes months or if it keeps him up almost all night to get it right.

It was a simple request, “Carlie, I’m going to plant the grass sod from the garden. You can help me by watering it.” I heard her singing, “Nothing like a mud puddle. There’s nothing like a mud puddle…..” I turned to see the inspiration for her newly composed song.

She had so much fun making a puddle and spraying me with the hose every time I came over with grass. Trying to tell her it isn’t funny did as much good as tell a brothers “stop, it’s not funny.”

After all our camping trips around the country, there is nothing Carlie and Donny love more than camping. They play they are camping all the time. They load up everything they own onto Donny’s car bed and “drive” to places they want to camp, set up camp and then pack up and move on. I heard them arguing in their room serval weeks ago. Carlie asked, “Donny are you having problems with anger in your heart?” He replied, “No, I just need to go camping.”

We still have so many pecans from last fall we haven’t had time to crack. Often in the evenings John cracks pecans and Carlie and Donny stand by him eating every little piece he gets out of the shell. He was trying to show them how to crack their own last night and they were so proud when they finally got one opened.