Four Years Old   |   March 01, 2017

We had such fun celebrating Carlie’s birthday. This year she really understood what it means to have a birthday and knew what she wanted for a cake and supper. She asked for a blue cake and pepperoni pizza.
We took the day off together and went out to the lake for the afternoon. Carlie walked all around the lake except for a short ride in the stroller at the half way point. Donny rode almost all the way around. He walks so very slowly and can not be provoked into hurrying up for anything. After our hike we cooked hamburgers on the fire and enjoyed a rest before heading home for a nap.
Since our house is all a mess with our tiling project, Auntie Becky was kind enough to let us come to her house to have cake and ice cream together. It really made the day so special for Carlie.
When I asked Carlie what she might want for her birthday, she told me she wanted a watering can and seeds. She notices every tiny thing and hears every word we say, so it was so much harder to keep her gifts a surprise. I’m sure she saw her gift several times before her birthday but she was still happy to open her presents and was over joyed with her watering can and seeds. She asks everyday if I think it’s a good day to plant and walks around in the yard deciding where would be the best place to plant.

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  1. Laura Hiltz says:

    Oh, Vanessa, she is growing up so quickly. Gilbert will be 4 in May and it seems so hard to believe. Cecily was 6 in January and just lost her first tooth. It reminds me that each day with them is precious.
    Maybe one day you will make a visit to NS and our children will be able to meet in person.

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