Strawberry Fields   |   March 17, 2017

I try to work on our flouring project everyday but it seems to be growing as we go. Replacing the floor turned into painting the walls, and replacing trim… The blue that was on the walls didn’t look right with the tiles and that strange design we had on the wall had to go.

Carlie loves to create things and use anything she finds to draw or built something interesting. She was so proud to show us her self portrait she had made out of tile scraps.

The tile mortar takes twenty four hours to set before the floor can be walked on. On Sunday evenings Carlie and Donny are always very excited to run around on the new flour and pick up all the spacers from between the tiles.

The wind was blowing hard across the field and the temperature was right around forty degrees when we reached the strawberry field. We first drove out to Akers of Strawberries farm in hopes of picking berries but their fields were so over picked it was difficult to spot a red berry. With the scarcity of berries and the chilly weather I didn’t think it worth my while to spend all day in the field trying to gather berries. There was a big tractor at the farm, which thrilled Donny. So we stopped to take a few pictures before heading homeward.

On the way to Akers I had seen another Strawberry U-pick sign by Adventures Unlimited and decided to stop by and see if they had better berries. Their berries were beautiful and so abundant I was able to pick twelve pounds of berries in under an hours time. I was so glad I decided to stop.

Donny tried to help me fill up by strawberry box in between eating berries. I told him we only wanted the red berries and not rotten ones and I could hear him commenting to himself as he picked, “Only red ones. Not the green ones. Only red ones. Not the rusty ones”

Carlie didn’t even have plans to pick berries to take home. She loves strawberries. It was an all you can eat strawberry treat for her.

Carlie loves to work in her preschool book she got for her birthday. She doesn’t let Donny write in the book but he’s pretty happy just to watch her work and point out all the letters he recognizes. Every morning we have a learning time and we work on learning letters, numbers, colors, shapes, memorize Bible verses, songs, and poetry. Carlie is still a little faster with the letter flashcards but she gets too frustrated with Donny because he has the numbers, colors and shapes down so well she can seldom get one of the flashcards first.