Turtles at the Park   |   March 28, 2017

Decisions. Decisions. What to do with the tiles in the dining room? How to transition the flooring? What colors for the wall? After a while all the colors and options start looking the same.

John bought swings for Carlie and Donny and the top priority for the weekend was getting them hung. Finally, late Saturday night we got one swing hung. Sunday morning they were so excited to go out and try it before heading off to church.

Not far from our a house a park was reopened and Carlie, Donny, and I stopped by earlier in the week to play for a few minutes. We met the caretaker for the park who told us to go out to the board walk over the swamp and see all the turtles. There were a lot of turtles in there and we had great fun watching them.

Carlie was so excited to show all the turtles to Daddy. We took bread and believe it or not they love it. The caretaker feeds them and it’s obvious they’re used to a good meal from the dock.

2 thoughts on “Turtles at the Park”

  1. Marge says:

    What cute kids!

    1. LLL says:

      Awww… Thank you Aunt Marge!

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