Around the House   |   April 19, 2017

I built some swings out back of the house for the kids and they love them. I even over engineered them so I could swing on them. OK, I’ll admit it, I really built them for me to use. It’s great to have children as an excuse to get new toys. All told I’m sure we’ve spent a few hours swinging.

The kids come rushing out of the house to greet me when I pull in the driveway after work. They’ll jump up in the van door and quickly rattle off the big happenings of the day. Carlie was proud of the ABCs she had written and wanted to show them to me right away.

This boy can fall asleep anywhere! This time he was in his bed but didn’t quite make it through his book.

Setting the last tile on our flooring project! That was an epic project that turned out to be a lot more than we could have imagined but at least all the tile is down now. It’s still not finished though. Once all the tile is down there’s grouting to be done and baseboards to put back up. I’ll be one happy camper when this project’s finally in the books.

Auntie Rachel thought the kids might enjoy watching caterpillars morph into butterflies. She ordered a kit and had it shipped to our house. By the point of this writing they have grown from tiny caterpillars to large caterpillars and are already in their chrysalis. I think that I should have bought one of these kits for Nessa a long time ago. She keeps saying how she can’t take her eyes off them and that they’re better than watching TV. Of course it might help that we don’t actually have a TV but that’s beside the point. It’s another case of using the kids as an excuse to get a metamorphosis kit.

Easter Sunday!

Thank you Ms. Otkin for the gifts!