Psalm 23   |   April 01, 2017

Vanessa has been working long and hard every morning with both Carlie and Donny to help them memorize Psalm 23. They have it down well now and have since moved on to memorizing Psalm 1, but I’m just getting around to making a video of them reciting Psalm 23. The first video is of Carlie reciting the chapter and the second video is of Donny reciting the chapter.

There’s been some beautiful weather here the last few weeks. Everything’s warming up and turning a lush green. Vanessa keeps telling me this is her favorite time of year here. She loves the spring. Personally fall is my favorite season but really all the seasons are beautiful and enjoyable. We really do have some great weather here in Northwest Florida.

Carlie received some flower seeds and a watering can for her birthday and she’s been excited for the weather to get warm enough to plant them. She planted and watered them and now they are just tiny little sprouts popping out of the ground.