Baseboards, Blackberries, and Butterflies   |   May 08, 2017

We ordered a carport a few weeks ago and the crew arrived to install it early on Saturday morning. Carlie and Donny were fascinated by the ‘worker men’. It was a good crew and we’re happy with the install. We are so looking forward to having a cool car to get into in the heat of summer.

We helped Becky and Jason move some trees for their neighbors. In exchange they gave us enough wood to last a winter.

Hey, what could be better than brownies on a bike? I could have added that to the title too, but now that I think about it it’s actually a trike.

The butterflies we’ve been raising from caterpillars hatched from their chrysalides and Carlie released them into the wild. Thank you Anutie Rachel! We all loved them!

We picked some blackberries on a dirt road a few miles from our house and Nessa made a yummy blackberry pie.

A tree company working for Gulf Power hit our fence with a tractor they were using to clear the woods in my neighbor’s yard. The worst part, not obvious in the pictures, is that my gate wouldn’t close because the two posts bent so the latch is too close to the opposing gate to operate properly. After some back and forth with Gulf Power claims department someone from the tree service came out and turned the bent top rail down and did the best they could to straighten the bent chain link but the gate still wouldn’t latch. After they tinkered with it they said they’d give me a call but I haven’t heard back and another message I left with Gulf Power claims department stating that the gate still wouldn’t close wasn’t returned.

This weekend I decided to do the best I could to fix it myself. So I ended up cutting an inch off the top rail and taking out one link from the short fence to pull the two posts together. That allowed just enough room to get it latched and I think I’ll just leave it at that. I could probably bug Gulf Power some more but fixing it exactly like it was would require some cement work in my driveway and a lot of hassle so I’m planing to leave it as it is.

Update: Just as I was writing this post the tree company did call to ask if there was anything else they needed to do to fix the fence. I let them know that I had gotten it in working condition and we’d just leave it at that.

The neighbor’s turkeys came over for a visit.

We put up the chair rail and baseboard in our dining room and we’re loving the new look. After a lot of cutting, nailing, caulking, and painting we were able to move our dining table back to its rightful place.

The Lord is good and we are indeed a blessed people to have been born in the United States of America. I look back at this blog post and see the good things that God has given and I’m overwhelmed by His goodness. I’m not really that rich in this worlds goods by comparison to some in the USA but my family has each and every need met and most all of our wants too.

Even better than any thing or wealth I’ll ever have in this world is the virtuous woman that God has entrusted to me. For her price is far above rubies and being married to her makes me a rich man indeed.